“Boogie Boo! 3” EP (2021) Digital Download


The Boogie Boo! 3 EP
Digital Download Includes:

Boogie Boo! 3 (2021) Songs
She’s a Witch (Gaia’s Tune)
All Hallow’s Eve
Magical Pumpkin Seeds
+ Bonus Track!
Vocal Udu Mix of She’s a Witch (Gaia’s Tune) not available on any other music platforms.

+ The “Sharing the Stories…Part Two” PDF booklet.

Plus the Songs:
Graveyard Boogie (4:58)
Swinging At The Seance (3:48)
Race With The Devil (3:12)
From the Boogie Boo! 2 EP (2020)

Note: If you previously purchased the album “Boogie Boo!” (2019)
Purchasing this EP updates your Boogie Boo song bank to the complete 21 Song Boogie Boo! Collection (2021).


      1) She's a Witch (Gaia's Tune)
      2) All Hallow's Eve
      3) Magical Pumpkin Seeds
      4) She's a Witch (Gaia's Tune) Vocal Udu Drum Mix
      5) Swinging at the Seance
      6) Race with The Devil
      7) Graveyard Boogie

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