Autographed CD: Grease It Up & Go! Featuring Mike Mettalia


Grease It Up & Go! CD Autographed by April Mae & Catfish Dave.

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Grease It Up & Go! CD Autographed by April Mae & Catfish Dave.

“This collaboration of April Mae & The June Bugs -and- Mike Mettalia is a stone cold blast from start to finish, highly recommended for fans of American Roots Music and the iconic Memphis based Sun Records! Turn up the volume and tell your friends…They will be glad you did! Highly Recommended!”
— Michael Cloeren, Founder & Producer of The Pocono Pennsylvania Blues Festival since 1992

“A smorgasbord of Southern roots music and a study in contrasts with Mettalia’s fierce and fragile harmonica, Catfish’s wiry and wispy string-bending, and April Mae’s sweet and sassified vocals.”
— Thomas J. Cullen III, Contributing Editor Blues Revue and Director Bucks County Blues Society

1  Memphis Bound 3:15
2  Some Iz Good 4:48
3  Grease it Up & Go 2:27
4  The L&N 3:25
5  Down From the Mountain 4:01
6  Good Morning Judge 3:18
7  Miss Celie’s Blues 2:38
8  Brooklyn City 3:39
9  Mistaken Identity Blues 4:54
10 A Good Man is Hard to Find 2:51
11. Midnight Sun 4:01
12 Quiet Whiskey 3:00
13 Drown in My Own Tears 4:16
14 Spoonful 8:01

Produced by: April Mae & The June Bugs with Mike Mettalia.
Recorded live at Fat Rabbit Studios, Mixed & Mastered by Dave Gross.

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