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"Servin’ up high energy n’ deep vintage vibes is April Mae & The June Bugs specialty...

April Mae And The June Bugs - Boogie Bus

As their biodiesel Boogie Bus proclaims, it really is All About The Boogie!"

About April Mae & The June Bugs

April Mae & The June Bugs signature sound has evolved from deep roots. Roots that dig deep from the wellspring of American roots music. Nourished by intoxicating vintage jazz swing, unbridled Americana n' folk, effervescent rockabilly, and the spirited jump blues and viper jazz of the 1930's and 1940's. Performing on traditional and not so traditional home made instruments, invoking elements of New Orleans early jazz n' skiffle music. Serving up deep vintage vibes is their speciality!

The award winning bio-diesel Boogie Bus

Funnel cake aromatherapy! Zero carbon emissions! Delivering April Mae & The June Bugs to shows running on recycled vegetable oil. Meet the beloved Boogie Bus! Dubbed the Boogie Bus for the musical mantra "It's All About The Boogie" painted on the destination plate. Awarded the title of "Best Ride" by Big City Rhythm & Blues Magazine. Custom designed by April Mae, inspired by her affinity for vintage trains and school buses, unmistakable in candy apple red and banana cream.

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Hop on the Bus & Get "Hoodoo Rocket" on Us!


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Unveiling our bewitching 'Boogie Boo! Collection'

Upon it's release, it enthusiastically received airplay on over 100 Americana, Boogie, Swing and Rockabilly Radio Stations across the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia.

Our journey into the spirit of these songs was incredibly profound
and humbling at the same time.
Like a magical gift we've had the honor to conspire with...
We're thrilled to share the magic, mystery and stories with you!

To enchant Spooky Season or anytime your soul yearns for a little magic...

We're excited to offer "The Boogie BOO! Collection"

CVR Boogie Boo Collection 300 dpi

Double Album Set

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Sharing the Stories inserts too!
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You’ll receive:
Boogie Boo! 3 (2021 EP)
She’s a Witch (Gaia’s Tune) 
All Hallows’ Eve
Magical Pumpkin Seeds
Bonus Track; the exclusive Vocal Udu (clay drum) Mix of She’s a Witch (Gaia’s Tune)


Boogie Boo! 2 (2020 EP)
Swingin’ at the Seance
Graveyard Boogie
Race with the Devil


Boogie Boo! (2019 Album)
Syncopated Boogie Boo
Hoodoo Moon
Hoodoo Rocket
The Boogie Man (Tam Lin)
It’s Halloween
The Headless Horseman
Marie Laveaux
I Put a Spell on You
Devil With The Devil
Who Dat Up Dere?
Killin’ Jive
Ghost of All
Nightmare Reprise


Enjoy this indulgent 21 Song Collection.

More magic from the "Boogie BOO! Collection"

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She's a Witch

Boogie BOO! 3 EP

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Boogie BOO! ( 2019) 
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She’s a Witch (Gaia’s Tune)
All Hallow’s Eve
Magical Pumpkin Seeds
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* A very special Vocal Udu (clay drum) Mix of She’s A Witch (Gaia’s Tune)
* The “Sharing the Stories” Part 2 Lyric insert
* All the songs from the Boogie Boo! 2 EP too
Swinging at the Seance
Graveyard Boogie
Race with the Devil
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Performance Highlights

Thank You to Jazz Bridge & All the jazz cats who graced us with a Full House & Standing Ovation!


Thank YOU for the Sold Out Show